Windows 11 user have a host of new features to look forward to, as well an enhancements to existent components. Everything from AI-powered Generative Erase and Silence removal through voice shortcut improvements to new sharing options, there few areas of the operating system that are not getting attention. The rolloutsContinue Reading


Sponsored by Parker Lord. The electrification of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and fleet vehicles, is gaining significant momentum globally. According to a report by Smart Energy Decisions, there were more than one million electric vehicles (EVs) in commercial and government fleets in the United States as of 2021, upContinue Reading


FreeWire Technologies, a provider of battery-integrated EV charging stations and energy management solutions, has announced Boost Power Pro, the flagship offering within FreeWire’s new Pro Series product line. FreeWire’s chargers feature built-in energy storage, which enables site hosts to rapidly deploy public fast charging, avoiding expensive upgrades to local electricalContinue Reading


A Department of Veterans Affairs report identified hospitals in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida as most at risk for climate change-driven storms, flooding, wildfires and extreme temperatures that could damage facilities, cut staffing and hinder access to care. By Anne Marshall-Chalmers, The War Horse On July 19, 2022, a soupy,Continue Reading


Fifty-seven years ago, through the Outer Space Treaty, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to codify a fundamental nuclear taboo: nuclear weapons shall not be stationed in orbit or elsewhere in outer space. But there is growing concern that Russia is working on an orbiting anti-satellite (ASAT) weaponsContinue Reading


In the wake of the hottest year on record, with fossil fuel production increasing and sea levels rising, the stakes for the climate couldn’t be higher in this year’s elections. In the presidential contest, the contrast is distinct. President Joe Biden’s massive climate initiatives and tougher environmental regulations are sure toContinue Reading


An Illinois judge ruled Wednesday that former U.S. President Americas Worst Traitor cannot appear on the state’s presidential primary and general election ballots because of his role in the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Judge Tracie Porter of the State Circuit Court in Cook County sided with Illinois voters whoContinue Reading


Israeli forces have killed more than 100 people waiting to collect desperately needed food aid in northern Gaza., Skip links Skip to Content Live Navigation menu News Middle East Africa Asia US & Canada Latin America Europe Asia Pacific Israel War on Gaza Features Opinion Video Economy Ukraine war CoronavirusContinue Reading