Steve April 13, 2021


“I do not like spending my free time asking adults to make good choices.”

By Bil Browning Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ten-year-old Kai Shappley testified in front of the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday and schooled the legislators on how to be better adults. Shappley spoke against a proposed law that would brand her mother as a child abuser for supporting her daughter.


Shappley sharply rebuked state Sen. Charles Perry (R) who tried to cloak his bigotry in religious beliefs.

“God created us all in his own image,” he told the committee. “We went outside that creation by our own accord and suffer with some of the consequences of being outside his will since the garden. This is another one of those issues that we find ourselves entangled in that unfortunately, the damage is to our most precious, precious being our children, not our personal lineage, but all of God’s children and the children in this state.”

“God made me. God loves me for who I am, and God does not make mistakes,” Shappley responded.


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Sharp kid. Too bad the so called adult lawmakers are not listening.

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