Steve October 24, 2020
 Resident and activist Brenda Valdivia stands in front of the 120-unit development by Aragon Holdings. She holds a photo circa 1895-1901 of that area when it was the Los Angeles City Oil Field

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Photography by Peter Bennett

On a busy corner in Vista Hermosa, a neighborhood just west of downtown Los Angeles, early signs of construction have begun on a 7-story, 64-unit apartment building called Firmin Court. The project’s developer, the Decro Group, has pledged that the new building, which is one of six active multi-family developments under construction in a five-block radius, will provide supportive and affordable housing for “chronically homeless individuals, persons at risk of becoming homeless, and low-income families.”

At a time where affordable housing ranks as a top concern for Angelenos, many see projects like these as signs of progress.

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