Game time for the Republican presidential primary begins in earnest this week. The first debate is being held in Milwaukee on Wednesday, and it marks the beginning of a five-month countdown to the Iowa caucuses, during which there will be monthly debates, nonstop campaigning and a likely winnowing of theContinue Reading

France’s ARP Selection Buys Sofia Coppola’s Venice Prizewinning ‘Priscilla,’ Deauville Festival’s Big Winner ‘LaRoy’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Paris-based leading distribution company ARP Selection has bought a pair of U.S. indie gems from the fall festival circuit, Shane Atkinson’s feature debut “LaRoy” and Sofia Coppola’s “Priscilla.” “LaRoy,” a neo-noir Western comedy with Coen brothers influences, just won three major prizes at the Deauville Film Festival…Read MoreContinue Reading

Linux overtakes Macs on Steam thanks to the Steam Deck

No, Macs have never been a serious gamer’s first choice. But when even Linux-based systems are climbing past Apple’s computers on Steam’s hardware list, you start to wonder. Steam’s monthly hardware report shows that more gamers are using Linux devices than Apple Macs, to the tune of 1.96 versus 1.84Continue Reading


Nine losing major party Arizona U.S. Senate candidates have made 12 subsequent bids for the office – falling short in all 12 attempts In the coming days, Arizona Republican Blake Masters is expected to join the state’s intriguing 2024 U.S. Senate election field. The race features Democrat-turned-independent incumbent Kyrsten SinemaContinue Reading


Wisconsin Republicans are moving to fire the state’s nonpartisan elections director ahead of the upcoming presidential primary in the state, casting a shadow of uncertainty over 2024 elections. The state Senate is set to hold a hearing Tuesday on Meagan Wolfe, the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the firstContinue Reading