Steve July 29, 2020

Of all the lies and misdirections that Republicans are pushing in this year-of-our-lawrd 2020, the Vote-by-Mail-Fraud lie is the most transparent.

Their god-Trump even said the quiet parts out loud; that making it easier to vote prevents Republicans from getting elected.

And of course there’s a record of Bill Barr voting by mail in 2012 and 2019. Kudos to Pennsylvania Rep. Mary Gay Scalon for bringing that up and cutting down Barr’s attempt to dis-inform the public on the safety and security of vote-by-mail. LA Times:

“The problem we are facing is that the president has repeatedly sought to cast doubt on the security of mail-in ballots,” countered Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa.). “Saying the 2020 election could be rigged with millions of mail-in ballots being printed by foreign countries. You have repeated this disinformation.”

Democrats have been pushing to give voters more access to mail-in ballots to alleviate the risks of voting amid a pandemic; Trump and other Republicans have resisted such efforts, saying widespread voting by mail could invite fraud. Trump tweeted in May that mail-in voting would result in the “end of our great Republican Party.”

“That suggests the president is spreading disinformation about mail-in voting because he is afraid his party will lose,” Scanlon said.

PS. Every member of the military stationed overseas votes by mail as well.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are on this.

It’s National Vote By Mail Day. Voting by mail is easy and safe. Take a few minutes to request your vote-by-mail ballot, then get your family and friends to do the same. Request your ballot early, send it back early, and fill it out carefully. Get started:

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) July 28, 2020