Steve August 5, 2020

Celebrating 5 YEARS

of reader-funded journalism

We’re proud that Shadowproof has not only survived but thrived over the last five years. We owe our success to the support of readers like you, who have helped us in the face of a difficult media economy.

Every piece of freelance reporting published at Shadowproof has been paid for by our readers. We’re proud we don’t have major donors, foundation money, or a need for advertising or paywalls.

We’ve already raised thousands from readers to pay journalists in 2020, publishing valuable reporting on everything from COVID-19 to prison abolition and transformative justice. And we’ve had the resources to let writers name their price, and pay them on-time instead of weeks later like most publications.

For the next year, we want to build on this success by significantly increasing our freelance budget. Help us by subscribing monthly or making a donation using the form on the right.

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