Steve September 16, 2020

Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’ goes behind the curtain, sharing alarming new details about national security decisions and operations in the Trump administration. Woodward’s book is heavily sourced, drawing from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand witnesses and participants’ notes, emails, diaries, calendars, and confidential documents.

According to taped interviews, Trump told Woodward the truth about the deadly coronavirus while keeping Americans in the dark. Trump provided Woodward unique access, giving eighteen exclusive interviews, totaling nine hours.

The book covers Trump’s actions as he faces a global pandemic, economic disaster, and racial unrest. This is Woodward’s second book about the Trump presidency, writing ‘Fear: Trump in the White House,’ prior to this one. ‘Rage’ shows how Trump’s responses to the crises of 2020 were rooted in the instincts, habits, and style he developed during his first three years as president.

A few highlights from ‘Rage’:

Woodward obtained 25 personal letters exchanged between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that have not been public before. Kim describes the bond between the two leaders as out of a “fantasy film”, as the two leaders engage in an extraordinary diplomatic minuet.

Woodward quoted Trump disparaging his own American military officials to Peter Navarro, during a 2017 meeting. The president complained to Navarro:

“…my fucking generals are a bunch of pussies. They care more about their alliances than they do about trade deals.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump bragged to Woodward two days after he ordered protesters cleared from Lafayette Square:

“We’re going to get ready to send in the military slash National Guard to some of these poor bastards that don’t know what they’re doing, these poor radical lefts.”

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