BrandPost: 5 signs that you need a technology refresh


Deciding when to upgrade business technology is never easy. You have to consider which pricing and deployment model is right for your business and how disruptive a new solution might be to employees. But you also must balance those concerns against the risk of opportunities lost because of older equipment and applications that are more vulnerable to cyberattacks and can inhibit productivity because of degraded performance or growing inefficiency.

Outdated technology may even cost you your most valuable resource: People. Employees have come to expect workplace technologies that are easy to access from anywhere. A study by Unisys found that employees who work at organizations with legacy (read: outdated) technology are 75% more likely to be frustrated than their counterparts who work for companies that embrace new technology. The outcome? Legacy tech workers are 136% more likely to feel less productive and are 450% more likely to quit.

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