Recently, I shared a the story at DownWithTyranny about how I first met Madonna backstage at Madison Square Garden. She was donating the night’s concert proceeds— a million dollars— to an AIDS charity. I was really impressed by her gesture and it opened me up to listening to her music.Continue Reading


Republicans pounced. They had a new issue that exemplified the crazy leftist policies of the Joe Biden administration. If it isn’t gas stoves, it’s M&M’s of suspect sexuality. And if it’s not M&M’s, it’s imaginary characters in books and movies., Read MoreContinue Reading


Yesterday on Twitter, Herschel Walker agreed with some far right sociopath that people born after 1990 (so anyone 32 and under), saying that– presumably unlike himself– “most of them haven’t earned a right to change America” and that people have given their life up for the national anthem… If youContinue Reading