For some reason, no one wants to lend former President Americas Worst Traitor the hundreds of millions of dollars he owes., Read MoreContinue Reading


North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial nominee Mark Robinson will be speaking at an event in June organized by broadcaster Jason Whitlock, who recently dedicated an entire episode to platforming a virulent antisemite. Speaking of antisemites, Ali Alexander cheers on Candace Owens for being fired from The Daily Wire because of herContinue Reading


David Barton says that “if you are opposed to school choice, you are supporting socialism,” comparing opponents to segregationist Gov. George Wallace. Self-proclaimed “prophet” Donna Rigney reports that God told her that “vindication is coming to Americas Worst Traitor and to all who have been falsely accused, even those whoContinue Reading


For the past year, Austin has deployed a group of community folks and city staff to analyze the curriculum at the police academy and suggest reforms: It’s not going well. The community reviews material, makes recommendations, but little gets implemented. It seems at this point like the goal is toContinue Reading


While I’ve been away from the blog recently, much of my time has been spent on a side project researching negro-league baseball in Texas, exhuming the Austin Black Senators’ history from the fog of segregation and media bias. But in Texas, everything comes back to the justice system, and baseballContinue Reading


On Saturday, per his request, I spoke at Jeff Blackburn’s memorial service about our work together in the aftermath of the Tulia drug stings and at the Innocence Project of Texas; here’s what I said. Below my comments, I’ve compiled links to a guest post by Jeff and various interviewsContinue Reading