Uganda’s parliament has passed one of the world’s strictest – and most cruel – anti-LGBTQ+ bills for the second time, after requests were made for changes. The country’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill was originally passed by the parliament on 21 March and made simply identifying as LGBTQ+ a criminal offence. However, Uganda’sContinue Reading


Middle Grade Ellie Engle Saves Herself by Leah Johnson Ellie Engle doesn’t stand out. Not at home, where she’s alone with her pet fish since her dad moved away and her mom has to work around the clock . Not at the bakery, where she helps out old Mr. WalkerContinue Reading


Police have arrested a man on suspicion of killing Philadelphia transgender activist Mar’Quis Jackson. Charles Mitchell, 40, was taken into custody by US marshals over the weekend. Mitchell had been on the run since Jackson’s murder in December 2022. He was found in Henderson, Nevada. Mitchell faces charges of “murder,Continue Reading