When constructing large language models (LLMs), developers require immense amounts of training data, often measured in hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes. The challenge lies in obtaining this data without violating copyright laws or using inaccurate information and avoiding potential lawsuits. Some AI developers have been discovered collecting pirated ebooks,Continue Reading


Geoffrey Hinton, a professor and former Google engineering fellow, is known as “godfather of artificial intelligence” because of his  contributions to the development of the technology. A cognitive psychologist and computer scientist, he pioneered work on developing artificial neural networks and deep learning techniques, such as back propagation — the algorithmContinue Reading


StatCounter’s latest US desktop OS market share data tells a story full of change, tangible evidence that proves the continued ascendancy of the Mac platform and a continued slow decline in Windows market share.Depending on how you see it, it shows either a 14 percentage point or 5 percentage point decline in Windows share ofContinue Reading


If you’re looking to keep your kids occupied over the upcoming summer months, get them an Echo Dot Kids 5th Gen for $20 off. The latest release of the speaker works just like any other Echo Dot but has parental controls and education to keep your child safe, entertained, andContinue Reading


Get to know the official Ubuntu flavour featuring the MATE desktop with the release of Ubuntu MATE 23.04 “Lunar Lobster”. Ubuntu MATE 23.04, code-named “Lunar Lobster”, has been released on April 20, 2023. The latest version of Ubuntu MATE 23.04 is the first short-term release of 2023, and it willContinue Reading


Umicore plans to commercialize its manganese-rich HLM (high-lithium manganese) cathode active material (CAM) technology for EVs in 2026. This enhances Umicore’s portfolio of NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) battery materials for EVs and provides a design-to-cost battery technology. Umicore says HLM outperforms lithium iron phosphate when it comes to total costContinue Reading