Chuck Rosenberg: Nikki Haley Deserves Zero Credibility


Oh, Chuck Rosenberg.
You’re so quiet and calm, level and reassuring, not so much as a raised eyebrow, or a microscopic increase in decibel level in your voice. And yet, your words slice through what is left of Nikki Haley’s reputation like a Ginsu knife.
On Deadline White House, Nicolle Wallace and her panel were discussing how thoroughly and shamelessly Haley has apparently travelled over to the Dark Side. She’s practically already booked on Dancing With The Stars for the 2021 season. Here she is pledging fealty to Our Dear Leader, swearing things are not at all what the rest of us see and hear with our own eyes and ears.

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Sure, Nikki, sure.
Then, after Nicolle Wallace stops laughing, she turned to Chuck Rosenberg for his analysis, which sounded so sweet, unless you listened to the words he said.

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