Steve May 14, 2022

  • Pretty much any decent receiver is great these days, kind of like computers. Add to that almost nobody even having a stereo stack any more and it’s easy to see why someone who’s not a market leader would have real troubles — it’s all sound bars now. I have had a Sony receiver for over a decade now and it still does everything I need a receiver to do — because the last big feature added that people need today was DTS, and that was absolute ages ago. Is it as good as an Onkyo? In my living room it is. It’s all hard paneled and there’s lots of noise from the neighborhood.

    • I’d add that Onkyo made their claim (in the US at least) to fame as value brand, competing with likes of Denon, Sony and whatnot.

      It seemed they made a push for the prestige market which failed miserably, and the value market now pretty much dominated by Chinese brands I’ve never heard of.

      Unless you can stand out with either bragging rights or slave labor prices, the market is pretty crowded (nevermind computer audio has gotten quite good) for a dwindling market.

      Give it a decade and the name will be resurrec

      • They probably deserved better, but it’s the same problem as the VW Phaeton- no body is going to spend megabux for Onkyo no matter how good it is.

        The Phaeton was one of the dumbest things VAG ever did. It is practically an Audi A8, it is essentially the same car. Yet it is not the same platform. It was completely bananas that they made the Phaeton any way other than by rebadging an A8. There was just no way at all that it would be practical.

        Onkyo used to have a pretty good name in the USA, especially as Sony’s good name waned. (I for one got my receiver at the flea market and repaired it. It was a really pathetic failure, a bad solder joint to one of

      • Give it a decade and the name will be resurrected to sell cheap crap.

        They were already basically a subsidiary of Foxconn.

      • So here’s the thing. Onkyo’s consumer audio division (and by extension Pioneer) was nearly bought by the parent company of Denon in 2019. I can’t find any details on why/if that fell through. Seems like an important thing to be able to find out but I’m guessing the sale didn’t complete. However, they might go after the fire sale pricing now.

        It’s the only brand I considered the last time around. They did not lock the most important features (to me) behind a paywall of a premium model. I didn’t really w

        • Onkyo still needs properly formulated sentences.

          You won’t get that @ Slashdot

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