Steve August 20, 2020

That’s slapping his hand away!

CNN reports that the First Lady doesn’t have plans to campaign amongst the MAGA faithful. Not a surprise.

Short of the convention address, there is little else on Trump’s radar pertaining directly to assisting the reelection of her husband. She was not a big presence on the 2016 campaign trail, either — [Mrs.] Trump made fewer than 10 solo appearances and less in the way of speeches.

This time around — an election cycle marred by the coronavirus pandemic which inhibits large crowds anyway — the first lady has no concrete plans to attend events, speak to fundraisers, nor attempt to garner voters in any tangible way, according to a source familiar with the first lady’s travel schedule. Her calendar for the next several weeks is open.

Some of that decision could be related to Covid-19 and an awareness about the optics of travel and the general discouragement of crowds by health officials. Still, one wonders if even in a Covid-free world, the first lady would be making the long, hard slog across the country that other more seasoned political spouses of incumbents have in the past.

Now that she’s renegotiated her pre-nup while refusing to move into the White House in 2017, there seems little reason for her to pretend to like Trump supporters, the Office of First Lady, or her husband. Sad!