Steve August 29, 2020

Jim Gaffigan is an award-winning, well-regarded, popular comedian. Part of Gaffigan’s appeal is his family-friendly comedy, that he writes and works on with his wife and frequently centers around food and Gaffigan’s obsessions with food. Gaffigan has a large family, which includes five children, leading to my favorite Gaffigan joke: “If you want to know what it’s like to have a fourth, just imagine you’re drowning … and then someone hands you a baby.” Gaffigan is also openly Catholic, and was asked by the Roman Catholic Church to do warmup for the World Meeting of Families back in 2015, when he opened for the Pope—yes, that Pope.

If you’ve ever listened to Gaffigan interviewed or watched his act, he tends to stay away from talking politics. He’s not averse to saying that he is in general liberal, but he also doesn’t do much joking when it comes to the current political climate. However, on Thursday night, Gaffigan seems to have become fed up with the titanic levels of hypocrisy on display by many and the depressing level of pig-headedness shown by people pretending that what Trump is saying and doing is anything besides grotesque. So Gaffigan went online, and went off.

It began innocuously enough.

I wonder what he was referring to? Well, some people felt they knew and clearly began attempting to troll him.

excuse me while I treat myself to confronting some asshole trolls…

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Look Trumpers I get it. As a kid I was a cubs fan and I know you stick by your team no matter what but he’s a traitor and a con man who doesn’t care about you. Deep down you know it. I’m sure you enjoy pissing people off but you know Trump is a liar and a criminal.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Gaffigan then tried to explain the aversion to Trump as simply as possible.

By the way you can’t be against Cancel Culture and tell people to stay out of politics. You know that time you did a job and didn’t get paid? That’s trump and you know it.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

He tried to point out some of the glaring contradictions in many Trump supporters’ arguments.

I know you hate snobs and elites I get it but look at Ivana and that douche bag Jerod. Think they are on your side? Do you think they’ve ever done a real days work in their lives. Wake up

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

He even gave a simple lesson in economics.

to those of you who think Im destroying my career wake up. if trump gets elected, the economy will never come back.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Then he went in on Lou Holtz, the former Notre Dame football coach who attacked Biden’s faith.

Fuck Lou Holtz. Biden is Catholic in name only? Compared to who? How many abortions did trump pay for? How many women has he raped? How many times did pull the shit he did in Ukraine. Wake up. He’s a crook and a con man.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Gaffigan gave a short and sweet history lesson.

What bravery from the cowards who are against equal justice. Wake up. Don’t you know history will make you the fool.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

He even worked to bridge the gap between the many regions of our country.

can we stop with this HOLLYWOOD shit. I’m not from Hollywood and Hollywood is just a town. Please say coastal elites (which Trump, Jared and Ivana are) Maybe people on the east and west coasts have different values from yours but they dont like liars and con men like trump.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

He threw in a class on the political spectrum.

Please dont buy that socialist crap either. Obviously Obama wasn’t a socialist. This is all lies to scare you and you know it. Biden is not radical. Are you serious?

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Remember everything Trump accuses the Democrats of he’s guilt of. Dont let the socialist name calling distract you from the fact he is a fascist who has no belief in law.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Remember Space Force?

You know Trump just creates enemies. You know you can’t trust him. You know he been incompetent during this crisis. You know all those people didn’t need to die. Trump talks about the Space Program and you can’t safely go to a movie. Wake up

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Trump budding up with dictators is RADICAL. Trump having interfering with the justice department is RADICAL. Trump pandering to the police and army (I gave 3 raises) is RADICAL.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

Trump derangement syndrome is part of the con. Wake up. you know Fox News is biased and full of loons. it’s how they gaslight and silence criticism. Do you think any of those congressional republicans really believe in Trump or do they fear him dont want to end up like Flake.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

And Gaffigan finally ended his night with this pretty piece.

Heading to bed but remember

– If you want to sound crazy please tell me about THE DEEP STATE.

– To sound stupid please be against CANCEL CULTURE but then accuse anyone with an opinion of Virtue signaling.

– Trump Derangement Syndrome is meant to distract from the con of Don

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) August 28, 2020

You can push people only so far.

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