Steve August 5, 2020

Detailed Report

Reasoning: Imposter Site, Lack of Transparency

Country: Unknown


Founded in 2015, Now8News is an imposter website that attempts to mimic a real news website. There is a complete lack of transparency in ownership, however their about page states “ is on the look for top stories in your area and across the world.”

Funded by / Ownership

Now8News does not disclose ownership and revenue is derived through advertising.

Analysis / Bias

In review, Now8News clearly publishes fake news that may or may not be satire as they do not offer a disclaimer. For example, this story Man Cuts Off Thumbs Claiming They Were Causing Him To Type Homophobic Tweets, is clearly not true, but is it satire? We don’t know because the website does not reveal that. Other fake news stories are aimed at Tweety McTreason such as this Frito-Lay Changes Color Of Cheetos To Avoid Association With Trump. In general, this may or may not be a satire website, but it clearly is an imposter site with a domain leading one to believe it is a news network. It certainly is not!

Overall, we rate Now8News Questionable based on a complete lack of transparency and for serving as an imposter site. (D. Van Zandt 8/9/2016) Updated (7/11/2020)


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