Steve October 17, 2020

Eric Trump was caught red-handed on Saturday spreading fake news about former Vice President Joe Biden in a failed attempt to paint him as corrupt and out of touch with most Americans.

The president’s son shared a tweet of what he claimed was Biden’s current residence and asking where the money came from to afford such a property.

Eric Trump posted a picture of a large house on his Twitter feed. He wrote, “The salary of a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year. This is Joe Biden’s house…. seems legit.”

It was quickly pointed out by multiple fact-checkers that Biden sold the home decades ago.

David Gura, from NBC News, was quick to correct the record.

He responded to the tweet, “In 1974, Joe Biden bought this house in Greenville, Delaware, for $185,000. He sold the property 24 years ago.”

In 1974, Joe Biden bought this house in Greenville, Delaware, for $185,000.

He sold the property 24 years ago.

— David Gura (@davidgura) October 17, 2020

The tweet backfired spectacularly on Twitter:

You won’t be able tweet from prison, fyi. Biden sold this house 24 years ago in a very shitty real estate market after owning it for 20 years. The amount of insane projection from you and your criminal family has reached hilariously pathetic and absurd new heights. Keep going.

— Spiro Agnew’s Ghost (@SpiroAgnewGhost) October 17, 2020

Let’s talk about how many condos you sold to help the Russian mob launder money? Pro tip check your facts before embarrassing yourself again.

— Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) October 17, 2020

This is Seven Springs, the New York estate the Trumps have alternately called a residence and a business. They’ve taken huge tax deductions on the property that are now under investigation. Eric has been deposed in the probe. Seems legit. 🙄

— Tim O’Brien (@TimOBrien) October 17, 2020

You’re an idiot. All the time.

— Gen Michael Hayden (@GenMhayden) October 17, 2020

This idiot doesn’t know that Biden bought this house in the 70’s for $185,000 and sold it years ago. @Twitter it’s time to take down Eric Trump’s account. He constantly spreads lies. Take it down!!!

— Victoria Woodhull (@Well1la) October 17, 2020

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