Elizabeth Warren Comforts Young Queer Voter in Heartfelt Campaign Moment


by Christopher Rudolph

3h ago

Things got emotional for Elizabeth Warren at a recent campaign stop.

At an event in Marion, Iowa, the Democratic presidential candidate took some questions from the audience. Raelyn, a 17-year-old Cedar Rapids high schooler and a member of the LGBTQ community, asked Warren about acceptance.

“I was wondering if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn’t accept you as much,” Raelyn asked. “And how you dealt with that?”

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Warren, who appeared emotional, paused before responding, “Yeah. My mother and I had very different views of how to build a future.”

She went on to talk about her first marriage, and how she and her mother disagreed on whether she should stay in a marriage that simply wasn’t working.

“She wanted me to marry well, and I really tried, and it just didn’t work out. And there came a day when I had to call her and say, ’This is over. I can’t make it work.’ And I heard the disappointment in her voice. I knew how she felt about it,” Warren said, at times losing her voice to tears. “But I also knew it was the right thing to do.”

I was asked at a town hall “if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn’t accept you as much?” Here’s my answer: pic.twitter.com/ariYPwvWQr

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) December 2, 2019

After she finished, Warren asked Raelyn to give her a hug as the audience cheered. Later in Warren’s selfie line, Raelyn told ABC News why supported Warren’s campaign:

“What got me involved with her was her care for the LGBTQ community. And it’s been a struggle with that, with people close to me. And I just—she’s just, she gives me hope, which is not something that I’ve really had with other politicians, and I’ve followed politics for a while.”

Raelyn said she is also following the campaigns of Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, and plans to be a precinct captain for Warren during the upcoming Iowa caucuses.

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