Steve October 1, 2020

We’ve seen this before:

Trump requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from him

The Agriculture Department last week began mandating that millions of boxes of surplus food for needy families include a letter from President Tweety McTreason claiming credit for the program.

The USDA’s $4 billion Farmers to Families Food Box Program has distributed more than 100 million boxes to those in need since May, with the aim of redirecting meat, dairy and produce that might normally go to restaurants and other food-service businesses. But organizations handing out the aid complain the program is now being used to bolster Trump’s image a month before a high-stakes election — and some even have refused to distribute them.

Here’s an instructive quote:

“In my 30 years of doing this work, I’ve never seen something this egregious,” said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Food Banks. “These are federally purchased boxes.”

You’ll be pleased to know that despite rounding up brown people and putting them in cages, Dear Leader had his campaign letter translated so the Spanishes could read it.

“Politics has played zero role in the Farmers to Families food box program,” the Agriculture Department said in an emailed statement. “It is purely about helping farmers and distributors get food to Americans in need during this unprecedented time.”


Republished with permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

This is so dictatorial. He isn’t giving them boxes, we the taxpayers are, and he isn’t even one of us! Not to mention, how much $ are those letters costing?!

— Old Ethel Malibu (@scrabblemalibu) October 1, 2020

He’s a pro at putting his name on things he doesn’t make, so it’s par for the course. A trump course of course.

— SqueakyWheel (@DuaneTbaum52) October 1, 2020