Steve October 16, 2020

A supporter of President Tweety McTreason was caught on video Friday threatening an ABC News crew with a bullet to the head.

ABC News 2020 campaign reporter Will Steakin shared the short clip of the unidentified man’s threat on Twitter Friday afternoon.

“ABC News, I can’t believe it. Put a bullet in your head, buddy. I got one,” the man said while standing in line outside a Trump campaign rally in Ocala, Florida.

The female Trump supporter being interviewed by the news crew can be seen bursting into laughter after hearing the man’s threat.

Trump supporter in line at Ocala FL rally shouts off camera: “ABC News…Put a bullet in your head, buddy. I got one…”

— Will Steakin (@wsteaks) October 16, 2020

Twitter users were quick to condemn the man’s threat, with many tagging the FBI in the viral tweet.

I hope the @FBIMiamiFL @FBI take these comments seriously & find out who these people are. This rhetoric is NOT okay & people are going to get hurt if not killed if this is not stopped. What is wrong w/ these people? My God!

— D1 (@DCdem1163) October 16, 2020

Seriously, she needs to be either arressted or FBI pays her a visit at her RV at Camp-land By the Bay.

— ZoëbethC-MeidasMighty👑 (@Meidas_ZobethC) October 16, 2020


Starting to get why these ghouls hate Mr Rogers.

— syaf (@lebaldautist) October 16, 2020


— MaWa (@morethanjersey) October 16, 2020

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