Steve November 11, 2022
Forbes Announces Metaverse Event In Partnership With The Sandbox

Forbes, the infamous American business magazine company, has created a metaverse event in The Sandbox, and Forbes members can visit it from today, November 10th. The exclusive event is a one-of-kind members-only gathering, taking place over multiple levels in a unique Sandbox metaverse space. Furthermore, the event embraces the remarkable history of the company and includes quests, a DJ booth, virtual billionaires, and a bar. So, let’s take a look at the event and how Forbes is introducing its customers to web3.

image of Forbes metaverse space
The Sandbox and Forbes have teamed up to create a unique metaverse event.

Forbes teams up with The Sandbox for a metaverse event!

Forbes is the latest big company to enter the metaverse and introduce its customers to web3. Inside the event, many activities, quests, and more are on offer. There are also hidden features, such as the Forbes Highlander Yacht, and even a pool! Forbes metaverse event attendees also have the option to purchase a unique wearable NFT.

“We’re always looking to provide more value to our members and offer them unique and engaging experiences – from the real world, Web2 and Web3. We envision this space to be a place where our community will convene, make new connections, learn, discover new ideas, entertain and have fun,” says Vadim Supitskiy, Forbes’ Chief Technology Officer.

The event is filled with iconic aspects of the Forbes brand. Moreover, it showcases the vast potential of web3 to its customers. At first, the event is for Forbes members only, but eventually, the public will have access too.

NFT gallery and more on offer at the event

There is an extensive NFT gallery at the Forbes metaverse event. This will include several virtual NFT Billionaires on display. Furthermore, attendees can participate in trivia and interact with other Forbes members at the metaverse event.

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