Steve October 18, 2020

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday sought to link the son of Democratic nominee Joe Biden to child pornography.

Bartiromo made the assertion about Hunter Biden in the form of a question to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).

According to the Fox News host, someone had analyzed the handwriting of an FBI agent who served subpoenas for Hunter Biden’s laptop and determined that the agent once worked on “child pornography issues.”

“What is going to be coming out in the coming weeks?” Bartiromo asked. “We understand here on Sunday Morning Futures there is more to come. And there is further analysis of the subpoenas handwriting and it suggests that the subpoena was served by an FBI agent whose name is Joshua Wilson and over the last five years, he has been working on child pornography issues.”

“Connect the dots,” the Fox News host continued. “If an FBI agent is working on child pornography issues for five years, why is he subpoenaing the laptop of Hunter Biden. Is there a connection here? Should this suggest that there’s a child pornography issue here on that laptop?”

“Well, I think you just made the connection,” Johnson replied.

UPDATE: (Karoli) This is all to stir up the QAnon freaks because they’ve got nothing else. Here are some of the reactions to the evil Ron Johnson and Bartiromo did this morning:

I think Hunter Biden might own Ron Johnson’s house when this is all over.

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) October 18, 2020

Ron Johnson spent the 4th of July in Russia.

Ron Johnson is a compromised mouth piece for foreign disinformation.

Ron Johnson is an enemy of democracy and needs to fall into the same black hole of obscurity that awaits the entire GOP.#FTG

— Steve Marmel (@Marmel) October 18, 2020

Then, @RonJohnsonWI was arguing we should be doing more to help Ukraine/ strengthen Ukraine, to pushback on Russian aggression. I was in the strange position of saying Trump wouldn’t support this. Now, he’s carrying Russia/Putin’s water, harming our NATSEC. Power corrupts!

— Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) October 18, 2020