Steve May 5, 2022

Getting ready for the summer reading season? Do it all from one device instead of making multiple trips to the library and book store. An Amazon Kindle will be your special beach buddy. While it may be ad-supported, that helps keep the cost down. Buy now and get it for a 39% discount.

The Kindle is designed just for reading rather than for multiple uses like smartphones and tablets. It has a 167 ppi glare-free display to make you feel like you’re reading on paper, even if you’re reading in direct sunlight. The adjustable brightness allows you to read comfortably, wherever you are, inside, at the beach, at the park, etc., regardless of the time of day.

Amazon Kindle Ad Supported Case

Another difference from a tablet is that the Amazon Kindle will last for weeks on a single battery charge compared to just hours, making it the perfect vacation companion. It has 8GB of storage, allowing you to keep thousands of books at the ready, all on one device. You only have to pack one small device instead of multiple books, eliminating concerns about running out of reading material.

On a Kindle, you won’t need to be disturbed by annoying distractions like notifications while you’re reading. Additionally, you can highlight text, get definitions, translate, and adjust the text size, to read more comfortably, understand at a greater level, and refer back to it later.

A subscription to Kindle Unlimited provides access to millions of books, newspapers, and audiobooks. You can get three months to try it out the options, which aren’t limited to reading, as you can also listen to audiobooks with Audible when you pair your favorite earbuds or speaker through Bluetooth.

Save $35 on this Kindle and pay just $54.99. Get it without ads for just $69.99. Make it a bundle with a power adapter and fabric cover for just $85.97.

Amazon Kindle, Ad-Supported

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