Steve July 29, 2020

The Republican Party continued to remind us all that they are the party of incessant whining during Wednesday’s Tech hearing, featuring the heads of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. During his valuable five minutes of questioning, Rep. Greg Steube of Florida started off by complaining that his Google searches for Gateway Pundit showed up differently on his phone than on his computer. I guess no one has explained to him the difference between search engines. But, by far, the funniest part of his questioning was when he started whining about his campaign emails going to his dad’s spam folder.

Yes, you read that right. He was complaining about emails going to spam.

Does he not have an intern that can explain to him what “spam filters” are?

He then shared a very Trumpian story of a supporter calling him to let him know that campaign emails are going to THEIR spam folder too! Did the supporter call him “sir” as well? Did he cry? Isn’t that how Trump’s “sir” stories go?

Even better – Steube says that this is only happening to conservative politicians and says that he has not heard anything in the press about Democrat emails going to spam. So if it isn’t in the news, it didn’t happen? Right?

Honestly, I am shocked that the panel didn’t just break out in raucous laughter. After Rep. Steube’s ludicrous line of questions, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, tried to calmly explain what spam filters are, how Gmail organizes emails into folders (primary, social, etc). Then he explains, slowly, that his dad’s email probably doesn’t understand that campaign emails are actually from his son. Because email is not that smart.

Twitter had…thoughts:

Rep. Steube now asking the Google CEO tech support questions on behalf of his dad (not a joke)

— rat king (@MikeIsaac) July 29, 2020

Jesus Christ, @GOP Rep. Greg Steube has the CEO of Google under oath and his question is why his Gmail account doesn’t work?

Are Republicans serious with this shit?

— Max Burns (@themaxburns) July 29, 2020

Rep. Steube is now trying to get Pichai to tech support his Gmail account issues. #antitrusthearing

— Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) July 29, 2020

This guy Steube thinks only conservative fundraising emails are getting sent to spam in Gmail. This might be the nuttiest grievance yet.

— John Gruber (@gruber) July 29, 2020

Rep. Steube is also asking about why his campaign emails are now being marked as spam. My professional opinion is the best way to stop this is to write better email that aren’t spammy junk.

— Melissa Ryan (@MelissaRyan) July 29, 2020

OMG. Steube is asking for tech support from the Google CEO in a hearing. #techhearing

— Lynn Fox (@foxycar) July 29, 2020

I cannot believe Rep. Steube is using a Congressional Hearing to get one-on-one tech support from the bazillionaire head of Google, but this is where we are.