Steve June 21, 2022

Gustavo Petro & Francia Márquez Mina Win Colombian Election in Historic Vote, Macron’s Party Loses Majority in Parliament as Left & Far-Right Parties Gain Seats, Russia Moves Closer to Seizing Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine, Ukraine Attacks Oil & Gas Platforms Off Coast of Crimea, Russia Says Captured U.S. Veterans Are Not Protected by Geneva Conventions, Russian Journalist Dmitry Muratov Auctions Off Nobel Prize for Ukrainian Child Refugees, Israeli PM Bennett to Resign & Dissolve Parliament, NYT Probe: Al Jazeera’s Shireen Abu Akleh “Most Likely” Shot Dead by Elite Israeli Soldier, Millions Displaced, Over 116 Dead in Flooding in India and Bangladesh, Heat Records Broken Across Globe, from Iran to Spain to the Midwest, Witnesses Say at Least 200 Killed in Ethiopian Massacre, Honduras: Former U.S.-Trained Military Officer Sentenced for Murder of Berta Cáceres, New Surveillance Video Raises Questions About Police Response to Uvalde School Massacre, FDA & CDC Approve COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Under 5, Jan. 6 Committee to Look at How Trump Pressured State Officials to Overturn Election, Adam Kinzinger, Republican on Jan. 6 Committee, Receives Death Threat, In Campaign Ad, Missouri’s Ex-Governor Calls for Moderate Republicans to Be Hunted and Shot, Texas GOP Approves Platform Rejecting 2020 Election Results, Apple Workers in Maryland Vote to Unionize, Thousands Gather in D.C. for Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers’ Rally, Watch HeadlinesGustavo Petro & Francia Márquez Mina Win Colombian Election in Historic VoteJun 21, 2022Gustavo Petro has won Colombia’s presidential election in a historic vote. Petro is a former M-19 guerrilla and the former mayor of Bogotá. Petro will become Colombia’s first leftist president after vowing to fight worsening inequality in Colombia with landmark policies including a tax reform and redistribution of pension savings. In an election runoff, Petro won,2022-06-21 12:00:00,Read More