Headlines for March 4, 2024

16 Children Starve to Death in Gaza as UNICEF Warns Child Deaths Will “Rapidly Increase”, Kamala Harris Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza as U.S. Begins Airdrops of Food Aid into Gaza, In Global Day of Action on Gaza, Protesters Condemn U.S. Arming of Israel, Israel Boycotts Ceasefire Talks in Cairo; Protesters in Tel Aviv Criticize Netanyahu, Benny Gantz’s “Unauthorized” Trip to D.C. Highlights Rift Within Israeli War Cabinet, Israeli Attacks Kill Seven Members of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Environmental Crisis Feared in Red Sea as U.K. Ship Carrying Fertilizer Sinks After Houthi Attack, Haley Beats The Traitor in D.C. After Ex-President Wins in Michigan, Missouri & Idaho, Ukraine: 12 Killed in Russian Drone Strike on Apartment Building in Odesa, Leaked Audio: Germany Discussed Supplying Ukraine Long-Range Missiles to Attack Crimean Bridge, Thousands of Russians Pay Tribute to Alexei Navalny, U.N. Warns Blocking of Aid Access in Sudan May Be a War Crime, Shehbaz Sharif Elected as Pakistani PM Amid Protests by Imran Khan Supporters, Haiti Declares State of Emergency After Thousands of Prisoners Escape in Jailbreak, Largest Wildfire in Texas History Continues to Expand, CDC Drops 5-Day Isolation Guidance for COVID-19, U.S. Education Department Probes Death of Nonbinary Student Nex Benedict in Oklahoma, Paramedic Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Role in Death of Elijah McClain, Headlines March 04, 2024 Watch Headlines 16 Children Starve to Death in Gaza as UNICEF Warns Child Deaths Will “Rapidly Increase” Mar 04, 2024 Health officials in Gaza say at least 16 children have died in recent days from starvation and dehydration as Israel’s assault on Gaza continues. UNICEF is warning the number of child deaths will likely “rapidly increase” unless the war ends. Pediatricians in Gaza say they have,2024-03-04 13:00:00,Read More