Steve April 14, 2021
by Christopher Rudolph 3h ago

We’ve seen the first images and videos from Drag Race España, and talk about mucho mucho amor!

Previously, it was announced that Spanish drag legend Supremme de Luxe would be hosting Drag Race España, the latest international version of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The celebs joining Supremme on the judges panel are fashion designer Ana Locking and Veneno co-creators Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi (collectively known as Los Javis), who will be rotating judges on the competition series. And now, we have our primera vista at the fierce foursome together on the set of Drag Race España.

@SupremmedeLuxe estará muy bien acompañada por un jurado de excepción que son grandes seguidores del formato: @javviercalvo, Javier Ambrosi y @AnaLocking

Cada semana habrá un jurado invitado que les ayudará en sus tareas ¡Ya estamos aquí, nenas!

— Drag Race España (@DragRaceEs) April 14, 2021

▶️ @javviercalvo: actor, guionista y director

Galardonado con un Premio Ondas, dos Premios Feroz y el Fotogramas de Plata Su última creación (@venenolaserie) ha sido aclamada por la mismísima RuPaul

¡Estamos deseando ver todo lo que aportará a #DragRaceES!

— Drag Race España (@DragRaceEs) April 14, 2021

El fenómeno de #DragRaceES ha dado la vuelta al mundo Y llegará MUY PRONTO a #ATRESplayerPREMIUM

¿Preparadxs para el show? ¡Que gane la mejor!

— Drag Race España (@DragRaceEs) April 14, 2021

Not only that, but World of Wonder and Atres have treated us to new images of the judges hitting the runway — and Supremme strutting her stuff around Madrid.

Like Drag Race Holland and RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K., the Espanõl extravaganza will stream exclusively on WOW Presents Plus in the U.S. and other international markets, day-and-date with the Spanish airing on ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

The show’s queens and premiere date — it’s set to debut later this year — will be RuVealed soon, but we do know that Veneno breakout star Paca la Piraña will be making an appearance as a special guest judge.

Todos nacemos desnudos… El resto es drag ⁣⁣


Saca tus mejores galas para deslumbrar, nena, que MUY PRONTO llega #DragRaceES a #ATRESplayerPREMIUM

— Drag Race España (@DragRaceEs) April 14, 2021

“It is such an honor to welcome Spain to the Drag Race family, partner with Atres, and bring the fierce fabulous glamour of Spanish queens to new audiences around the world on WOW Presents Plus,” said World of Wonder co-founders Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey in a statement. “In these dark and challenging times, we believe people need Drag Race’s joy, laughter, and heart now more than ever.”

In the meantime, slip on some espadrilles and brush up on your Español!

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