Steve August 13, 2020

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some wear glasses, and have fabulous silver hair. Like Huffington Post journalist, Shirish (S.V.) Date.

In today’s “briefing,” Mr. Dáte was called on, and asked Trump the following:

DÁTE: Mr. President, after three-and-a-half years, do you regret at all, all the lying you’ve done to the American people? On everything?

Trump couldn’t believe his ears.

TRUMP: All the what?

Our hero powered on.

DÁTE: All the LYING. All the dishonesties.

Again, Trump needed help. To whom could this reporter possibly be referring?

TRUMP: That who has done?

And our hero…

DÁTE: That YOU have done. Tens of thousands…

At this point it seems to register that a reporter is actually calling him out, at which point he simply pretends it didn’t happen, and points to another reporter for their question. That next reporter also, apparently, was happy pretending it didn’t happen, because he asked a question about payroll taxes instead of saying, “Actually, Mr. President, I would like to hear your answer to Mr. Date’s question.”

In fact, EVERY reporter should be asking Trump exactly the question put to him by Mr. Dáte. Every night.