Steve May 3, 2022

Source: New York Times

Gov. Kathy Hochul selected Representative Antonio Delgado as her new lieutenant governor on Tuesday, elevating a fellow moderate from outside New York City to be her second-in-command and running mate in June’s Democratic primary.

Mr. Delgado will take the oath of office in the coming weeks, replacing former Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin, who resigned last month in the face of federal public corruption charges. A special state committee also moved swiftly Tuesday morning to add his name to the primary ballot as the favored Democratic candidate in place of Mr. Benjamin.

The swift selection comes as Ms. Hochul and her allies undertake remarkable steps to try to stabilize her young administration from the aftershocks of Mr. Benjamin’s arrest, and reset her campaign less than two months before she will face primary voters.

It comes just one day after state lawmakers passed legislation, pushed by Ms. Hochul at considerable political cost, to allow Mr. Benjamin to be removed from the state Democratic primary ballot and replaced with another candidate. Republicans, and even some members of Ms. Hochul’s own party, decried the legal change as underhanded.

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Delgado is a good (and safe) choice, but it creates a vacancy in a district that’s likely to be at risk when the new district lines are drawn.

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