Steve October 14, 2021

In Season 3, shame and fear test Eric and Adam’s relationship, with the latter unwilling to tell his family about his boyfriend and embrace his partner’s queerness.

After a fight over the subject, Eric heads to Nigeria for a family wedding, where he contains his queerness to please his worried mother. At the wedding, he connects with a queer photographer, who takes Eric to a queer nightclub, leading to a beautiful moment of happiness and queerness for him as he kisses another man.

Coming home, Eric breaks up with Adam, saying that he can’t be with someone so wrapped up in shame and needs to live his life as openly as possible, something Adam cannot do at the moment. 

Through Eric, Sex Education lets its queer characters make mistakes and come out the better for it. In fact, all the queer characters in Sex Education rise above the trials of being queer in this world and show the strength and beauty of queerness, or at least they do in a small English town.

from Buzzfeed

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