Steve July 28, 2020

A quick fix to this unsubtle change

The latest version of the Telegram desktop client for Linux uses a “new” non-native window frame by default.

To my eyes the new default window decorations looks a bit Windows 10-y. Which is to say: it isn’t exactly a subtle fit on a GTK-based Linux desktop like Ubuntu MATE, which I use on my GPD MicroPC:

Ubuntu MATE with the Telegram Desktop Client

I don’t know why Telegram changed its perfectly-adequate window frame to a design that sticks out like a well hammered thumb, but I am glad to report that you can disable it.

Yes, if you want the Telegram desktop client to use the same system window decorations as the rest of your Linux apps, you can.

And it’s really easy:

  • Open Telegram
  • Go to menu > Settings > Advanced
  • Scroll down to ‘System Integration’
  • Check ‘Use System Window Frame’ option

Telegram will apply the change in window dressing instantly, you won’t need to quit and reopen the app for it to kick in:

Ubuntu MATE with the Telegram Desktop Client

Much better, isn’t it?

Apart from give the app some semblance of nativeness the “system window frame” option also has a usability benefit to: it tells me precisely how many unread messages I have!

Not that I’m ever going to take notice of it and actually read all of those anytime soon.

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