Steve June 1, 2020

It was hard to miss the chaotic scenes of violence blasted across social media this weekend. Prompted by George Floyd’s death after a police officer was shown in viral video kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes, protestors in at least 75 cities took to streets across the country, according to The New York Times. The National Guard was activated in at least 10 states as cars and buildings went up in flames and officials in more than two dozen cities imposed last-minute curfews. Police officers were injured in Philadelphia and Richmond, Va., and one person was even killed in Indianapolis when gunfire erupted at a protest there, The New York Times reported.

A most disheartening element of the violence is, however, that police often times contributed to it, targeting bystanders, reporters, and other journalists. (WARNING: This story contains violent video, photos, and language that may not be suitable for younger readers.)

NYPD officer just called a female protester a “stupid fucking bitch” and threw her to the ground

— Jason Lemon (@JasonLemon) May 30, 2020

Linda Tirado, a freelance photographer, was shot with a rubber bullet in the left eye and partially blinded Friday covering street protests in Minneapolis, where Floyd died.

Hey folks, took a tracer found to the face (I think, given my backpack) and am headed into surgery to see if we can save my left eye

Am wisely not gonna be on Twitter while I’m on morphine

Stay safe folks

— Linda Tirado (@KillerMartinis) May 30, 2020

“I am permanently blind in my left eye, and the docs absolutely refuse to let me go back to work for they say six weeks,” Tirado said in one tweet Saturday. “I’m definitely not allowed to be near smoke or gas. Usually if I had to stay home I’d spend a lot of time amplifying folk but reading hurts today.”

In an encounter with police in Atlanta, CBS 46 video captures officers pulling two local college students from their car and breaking the car’s glass windows. “We are working to secure the release of these two local college students who were ripped from a vehicle and tased tonight in Atlanta. This is the exact kind of policing behavior thousands have been protesting,” the Georgia NAACP said in a statement on Twitter.

We are working to secure the release of these two local college students who were ripped from a vehicle and tased tonight in Atlanta. This is the exact kind of policing behavior thousands have been protesting.

— Georgia NAACP (@Georgia_NAACP) May 31, 2020

Katy Byron, a third-generation journalist, kept “a running tab” on Twitter of incidents in which police aggressively targeted news teams. Kaitlin Rust, a reporter with WAVE TV, and James Thomas, a photographer with the same station, were shot with rubber bullets in Louisville, Ky. Rust could be heard screaming on camera. “We were behind their line,” she said.

LIVE ON @wave3news – something I’ve never seen in my career.

An armed officer shooting directly at our reporter @KaitlinRustWAVE and photographer @jbtcardfan during the protests in #Louisville.

My prayers are going out to everyone tonight.

Such a scary situation for all.

— Lauren Jones (@LaurenWAVE3TV) May 30, 2020

Molly Hennessy-Fiske, a Los Angeles Times reporter, said she had her notebook in her hand at the 5th Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department when the Minnesota State Patrol targeted journalists. “We identified ourselves as press, and they fired tear gas canisters on us at point-blank range. I got hit in the leg. I’ll post a photo of that,” she said. “I was saying, ‘where do we go, where do we go.’ They did not tell us where to go. They didn’t direct us. They just fired on us.”

Minnesota State Patrol just fired tear gas at reporters and photographers at point blank range.

— Molly Hennessy-Fiske (@mollyhf) May 31, 2020

She said she and a photographer ended up scaling a brick wall and run into “a random building,” where she took shelter.

That’s the PG version of my leg courtesy of @MnDPS_MSP still going to report tonight and tomorrow

— Molly Hennessy-Fiske (@mollyhf) May 31, 2020

WCCO reporter Christiane Cordero said Tom Aviles, an award-winning photographer with the same station, was arrested in South Minneapolis after being hit by a rubber bullet with veteran producer Joan Gilbertson. Cordero can be heard screaming in pain and calling “Joan, Joan, Joan get over here.”

She told her station a patrolman told her: ”You’ve been warned, or the same thing will happen to you. Or you’re next.” She said at one point she begged for cops not to shoot her. She had her hands up. “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me,” Gilbertson said.

Here’s the video:

— Christiane Cordero (@ChristianeWCCO) May 31, 2020

In another incident, CNN video shows a cameraman wearing a helmet clearly marked with “PRESS” shot by police in Minneapolis.

A man with a video camera and a PRESS helmet runs after being hit by… something… apparently some sort of pellet fired by police

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) May 31, 2020

And in yet another encounter with police, Michael Anthony Adams, a VICE News correspondent, said officers raided a gas station he sought shelter at with a family there to protect the gas station. “After shouting press multiple times and raising my press card in the air, I was thrown to the ground,” Adams said. “Then another cop came up and peppered sprayed me in the face while I was being held down.”

1/ Apologies it’s taken me so long to update this thread. A lot to process and more to report on, but I wanted to share this photo: this is Assad, Cindy, their children and people from the Powderhorn/Phillips community who have stayed with this family to help them protect

— Michael Anthony Adams (@MichaelAdams317) May 31, 2020

Adams tweeted a photo of the family he was with. He said the gas station had been looted twice and the family was staying behind to defend “what little was left, when marked SUVs and MetroTransit vans pulled up, officers jumped out, and immediately started shooting foam baton rounds and flash bangs.”

“The officers then proceeded to walk around the gas station lot and pepper spray those on the ground,” Adams added.

This compilation just leaves you a bit speechless.

— Steve Mullis (Semi-Pro Social Distancer) (@stevemullis) May 31, 2020

From a woman maced and kicked by police in Pennsylvania to an elderly man with a cane shoved to the ground by Salt Lake City officers, the incidents of police violence seemed too numerous to count.

Salt Lake City cops shove down an elderly man with a cane for the crime of standing along the street:

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) May 31, 2020

“My security advisor and I were shot with rubber bullets tonight. He had PRESS labeled clearly and visibly on his bulletproof vest Before being shot, at a separate incident, I was directly aimed at. I took cover,” Reuters producer Julio-César Chávez tweeted from Minneapolis.

When Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder was asked about the incident, he asked for a copy of the video footage “and made no immediate comment.”

Tonight I was shot in the arm and the back of my neck with rubber bullets in the middle of covering the Minneapolis protests. My security advisor was shot in the face; his gas mask protected him.

Here’s what happened:

Here’s what it looks like:

— Julio-César Chávez (@JulioCesrChavez) May 31, 2020

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