Steve October 8, 2020

President Tweety McTreason on Thursday posted a new video from the White House lawn which begins with him addressing seniors and explaining that he is a senior.

“I’m a senior. I know you don’t know that,” Trump, 74, says in the video.

“Nobody knows that,” he claims. “Maybe you don’t have to tell em. But I’m a senior.”

He added: “You’re not vulnerable, but they like to say the vulnerable, but you’re the least vulnerable, but for this one thing you are vulnerable and so am I.”

Trump began the video by saying seniors are “his favorite people in the world.”

“I’m a senior. I know you don’t know that. Nobody knows that. Maybe you don’t have to tell em. But I’m a senior,” says 74-year-old president still under treatment for the coronavirus.

— Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) October 8, 2020

Several Twitter users began questioning whether the video was shot in front of a green screen.

The foliage in the top right of the frame is looping, indicating a green screen. Watch closely.

— Ankit Panda (@nktpnd) October 8, 2020

It’s not “conspiratorial” to me that this is green-screened, I just think it’s funny. But if you look at the movement of the trees blowing in the wind (notably visible on the right side), you can see that they’re moving in a loop and restart the same movement every few secs.

— James Urbaniak (@JamesUrbaniak) October 8, 2020

At first I thought people were being conspiratorial, but this is definitely shot in front of a green screen. Watch the upper right and left quadrants and how the tree movement is on a loop. Why are they so bad at everything?

— Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) October 8, 2020

Why is the president filming in front of a green screen?

— Andrew Kimmel (@andrewkimmel) October 8, 2020

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