Steve June 30, 2020

Jameela Jamil said she’s grateful for lockdown affording her the time to educate herself, and to work towards becoming a “less problematic, less ignorant person”.

The actor and activist spoke candidly to trans icon Munroe Bergdorf for Grazia magazine about how the pandemic has changed her.

Jamil said she has used the downtime to reflect after a busy “last couple of years”.

“I haven’t had time to learn and I think that contributed to a lot of the mistakes I’ve made,” she said.

“This has given me space to really investigate, learn, read and educate myself.

“I was so busy (before), I didn’t have time to really know what I was talking about all the time and I feel very grateful for this pause in being able to, hopefully, become a less problematic, less ignorant person.”

Jameela Jamil says ‘no one believes she would genuinely want to help’.

Jameela Jamil, founder of the I Weigh movement and podcast, said she hopes to reemerge a “more calm, thoughtful and careful person, more aware of the damage of having a 280-character Twitter word count”.

“It’s understandable for the public to not trust powerful people, so I’ve always known that everyone has always read the most evil possible intention into my every move, they always think I’m manipulative or I have an ulterior motive,” she said.

“No one can believe that I would genuinely just want to try and help.”

In June, Jamil came out swinging for trans rights after reports suggested the UK government was planning to bin proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, and instead introduce “new protections” for women’s single-sex spaces, which would attempt to prevent trans women using many public facilities including toilets and changing rooms.

“Trans rights are human rights,” Jamil tweeted June 15.

“I would have any trans woman in my protected spaces as they need protection more than anyone.

“They are in the most danger in our society. They are us. They are our sisters. Boris Johnson, this plan to push them out is #NotInMyName.”

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