Steve October 30, 2020

With just 4 days to go to Election Day, Vice President Joe Biden sharpened his rhetorical sword and jabbed it straight into Tweety McTreason, who was hate-watching the whole thing and tweeting like a maniac.

“And the stable genius, as he calls himself continues to say, “wind power causes cancer,” Biden mocked. “The same guy who said, by the way, and you think I’m making this up, when he was advised about the increasing hurricanes coming across the Atlantic because of the warm water, he said, ‘Maybe we should drop a nuclear weapon on them.’”

And he was not done.

“The stable genius said the problem with the Revolutionary War was we didn’t have enough airports. He talks about mental acuity? Whoa.”

Whoa indeed. And boy howdy, was Trump watching and tweeting. I don’t usually put Trump’s tweets in posts, but this captures how deeply Biden has crawled into Trump’s head. Just whining and bitching and lying up a storm over there in Trumpland.

LOL. And please, if you haven’t voted already, MAKE A PLAN and VOTE.