Steve June 3, 2022

Source: ABC News

John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate nominee, released on Friday afternoon a clean bill of health in order to soon hit the campaign trail and ultimately perform in the U.S. Senate–dependent on how serious he takes his recovery from a recent stroke due to an previously unreported heart condition.

In a letter, his cardiologist, Dr. Ramesh Chandra, said that if the current lieutenant governor takes his medications and improves his diet and exercise, he’d be a fit elected official despite suffering a stroke just four days before his 67-county win in Pennsylvania’s primary elections– a result of neglecting two heart condition diagnoses from 2017.

Pennsylvania voters have quietly questioned their nominee’s fitness in the weeks after the health scare. Fetterman hasn’t been back on the campaign trail since the lead up to the election.

Fetterman responded to the doctors’ letter in a statement, writing he should have “taken his health more seriously,” while also indicating that the stroke he suffered on May 13 was “completely preventable,” based on past assertions of his heart health.

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