Steve August 21, 2020

An Illinois woman was caught on video harassing a Black man who she said needed a beach pass to walk along a public pier in a dispute in which she also asked him, “Maybe you want to kill me?”

Footage of the Monday encounter between Otis Campbell, of Skokie, and Irene Donoshaytis, of Northfield, shows the woman claiming the public pier at Tower Road Park was open only to Winnetka residents, a false claim a nearby staffer quickly corrected.

“So to get into the beach itself, to walk on the beach, you do have to have a pass,” the female staffer says. “But to walk up and down this driveway and onto the pier, you don’t need a pass.”

“So it means it’s public?” Campbell asks Donoshaytis, which the young staffer twice confirms.

“No, it’s not public,” Donoshaytis replies. “It’s for people who live in Winnetka, and we pay for it.”

Campbell then reiterates that the staffer “didn’t say that” before Donoshaytis asks the staffer to call her manager.

“It’s not so funny,” Donoshaytis tells Campbell, who replies that he’s “dying” of laughter.

“You crazy?” she continues. “Maybe you want to kill me?”

“Not at all, nope,” Campbell replies. “Why would I want to kill you? Is it because I’m black?”

“Yes,” Donoshaytis replies, before mocking Campbell and asking if he’s an “idiot,” the footage shows.

Backstory: me and 2 others bikes to the bottom of the peer after a long bike ride from Skokie. After about two minutes Karen decides to come over to us and go into detail about how we needed passes to be here and we needed to leave immediately or she’s calling the cops. #BLM

— Oh (@oh_campbell1) August 18, 2020

Campbell, a first-generation U.S. citizen, told ABC7 that he believes the attack was racially motivated.

“There were multiple people coming down the pier doing exactly what we did,” Campbell said. “The only difference was that they were white and we were black. She said that we were not American, that we needed to go back to where we belong from, she said we pay to be here.”

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