Steve July 4, 2020

Raise your hand if you’re shocked.

Trump’s maskless minions are reaping what they sow, at least in terms of COVID-19. Yet another member of his inner circle has tested positive for the coronavirus, and it’s Kimberly Guilfoyle: a top campaign official and none other than his son, Don Jr.’s girlfriend. Donny Jr claims he has tested negative for the virus, and they isolating, so as not to continue spreading DEATH all over the place. At least via their own personal spittle.

From CNN:

“After testing positive, Kimberly was immediately isolated to limit any exposure,” said Sergio Gor, chief of staff for the Trump Victory Finance Committee. “She’s doing well, and will be retested to ensure the diagnosis is correct since she’s asymptomatic but as a precaution will cancel all upcoming events. Tweety McTreason Jr was tested negative, but as a precaution is also self isolating and is canceling all public events.”

But while they claim they weren’t in contact with Trump (dare I say, what a shame?) whilst in South Dakota for their celebration of his white supremacist treaty-breaking and approval of bounty-hunting of U.S. troops America’s Declaration of Independence, they were in plenty of contact with others the day before she tested positive.

From Raw Story:

[A]ccording to a Facebook video unearthed by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, Guilfoyle came into contact with other GOP figures prior to receiving the news. A day before the announcement of her positive test, she gave a speech at an indoor event in South Dakota with Republican Gov. Kristi Noem — and as the video showed, she was not wearing a mask.

Here’s Kim Guilfoyle speaking at an indoor event in South Dakota, no masks in sight, that was also attended by Kristi Noem the day before it was announced Guilfoyle tested positive for Covid (video from Facebook)

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 4, 2020

I could say more, but why should I, when a Lev Parnas (remember him?) parody account* has already done it for me?

If nothing else, Coronavirus isn’t the smallest or most disturbing thing that Kimberly Guilfoyle has had inside of her.

— Lev Parnas (@lev_parnas) July 4, 2020

*Edited to note that the quoted Lev Parnas account is a parody account. Too bad. The author regrets the error, and still endorses the sentiment.