Steve July 25, 2020

Before you head out to the weekend, here’s a Linux Weekly Roundup for you catering to applications, distros and news for this week.

Weekly Roundup
Weekly Roundup

This week there has been plenty of app updates, distribution release announced. With so many moving items happening all around the Linux and the open-source world, it is not always possible to cover the updates, especially the minor releases of news.

Hence, in this weekly update series, I’ll try to cover all happenings with links and quick summary for you so that you can stay updated and wrap up your week with a summary.

All the round-up is tagged with “Weekly Roundup” so you can get back to the earlier summary as well.

Linux Weekly Roundup: Applications, Distros, and News – July 25, 2020

News and Happenings

Distribution Updates

  • KaOS – Lean KDE Distribution Brings Latest Release [Read the story]
  • Distribution Release: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2 [Read the story]
  • REMnux 7 released – Ubuntu-based distro for reverse-engineering and analyzing malicious software [Read the story]
  • GeckoLinux 152 Released – Distro based on openSuse [Read the story]

Application Updates

  • Email Client Thunderbird 78 is Here with Major Changes [Read the story]
  • Cross-Platform GUI Library wxWidgets 3.1.4 Released with macOS 11 Support [Read the story]
  • Sweet Home 3D released version 6.4 with improvements and bug fixes [Read the story]
  • digiKam 7 Brings Deep-Learning Powered Faces Detection [Read the story]

Plenty of releases and news overall from the community and we look forward to the coming week for more updates.

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