Steve September 25, 2020

Less than 48 hours after refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, President Tweety McTreason once again joked about the possibility of extending his time in office beyond the Constitutionally-mandated two four-year terms.

“The bad thing is I like you people, I won’t see you anymore,” he told a crowd at a campaign event in Atlanta.

“I won’t see you for another ten years. Let’s see. Will we be president in ten years? Only if we add a couple of terms,” he told the crowd.

“Now we have a story. There’s your breaking news,” Trump said as he pointed to members of the media.

“I told you he’s a dictator,” Trump mocked the media as members of the audience roared with laughter. “He will not give up power, under no circumstances will he give up power. He intends to serve at least two more terms. Oh, that’s the big story. You know you can’t joke, because if you joke they take it away.”

“He’s serious, he wants 12 more years,” Trump said as he continued to mock the press. “They start shouting, 12 more years,” Trump said about the audience, who responded by chanting “12 more years!”

Trump laughed as the chant grew louder.

“Will we be president in ten years? Only if we add a couple of terms,” said Trump just now in Atlanta, followed by chants of “12 more years!”

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 25, 2020

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