Steve July 27, 2020

Rob Bliss, a Michigan man said he just wanted to have a conversation with residents in the “most racist town in America” while holding up a Black Lives Matter sign.

Bliss has shared a video of the horrific abuse and death threats he received from Harrison, Arkansas residents as he stood holding the sign.

Many drivers in the town are filmed giving him the middle finger, while others yell racist abuse at him.

“White pride worldwide!” one driver yells at him.

“In about ten minutes, I’m going to be back and you’d better be f*cking gone!” another driver threatens him.

“What about white lives?” one woman asks angrily. “We matter too!”

“Explain to me why a coon’s life matters,” shouts a man from his car.

“Get your ass out of town, that sh*t don’t mean sh*t here!” threatens another.

“I’d be ashamed to be a white boy carrying that stupid sign,” a driver informs him.

The video does end on a positive note when a young woman wearing a face mask approaches Bliss and hands him a note that read, “Ignore the haters, you’re being peaceful. What you’re doing is good — just a friendly reminder don’t give up hope.”

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