Steve August 3, 2020

This city-government IT group reverts to using two-way radios because staffers aren’t answering their cellphones when needed, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

So fish dusts off the old call-sign sheet, but the new staff members want better call signs than the stodgy “Tech1,” “Tech2” and so on. One, who is ex-military, suggests using each person’s initials but in military-letter speak, where A is Alpha, B is Bravo, C is Charlie and so on. Under this system, Dave Doe becomes Delta Delta.

And it might have worked, says fish, if it weren’t for the CIO’s initials. “We really didn’t think he was going to answer to ‘Juliet Romeo, are you out there?’ — and none of us were sure we’d have the guts to ask it on the channel.”

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