Steve October 24, 2020

The fragile Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, is deeply offended by the use of profanity on the campaign trail by his opponent, a mere lady with feminine lady woman femaleness, MJ Hegar. In fact, her allowing foul language to besmirch her lady feminine female girl woman not-a-man’s mouth is the only thing he highlights about her in the following campaign ad. A campaign ad, mind you, in which the only thing he mentions about himself is that he has not (been caught on camera so far, or) used obscenities on the campaign trail, and would NEVER!.

New @JohnCornyn spot hits @mjhegar for cursing on the campaign trail: #TXSEN

— Patrick Svitek (@PatrickSvitek) October 22, 2020

While campaigning, she had the nerve to say things like “We are going to kick some serious ass!”, “You don’t fuck with Texas women!”, and “Are you shitting me?” when talking about the Trump administration and Cornyn’s disgusting slavish support of it at every turn. Cornyn’s ad shows these, then presents himself as a polite alternative. “He treats people with respect!” says a woman who sounds like she swallowed her Xanax with half a box of Ernst and Julio Gallo. Cornyn’s media peeps also dug up a quote from 2-0-1-6 by the Dallas Morning News that says he found a way to “cut through the rancor.” THIS IS ALL YA GOT, JOHNNY? Sad!

Cornyn’s ad even has a “GRAPHIC LANGUAGE” warning on it, yet when he showed footage of Hegar, he BLEEPED OUT all the good stuff! Come ON, John, if you’re gonna promise graphic language, leave in the obscenities! Exhibit 7,361 that Cornyn isn’t all that…well, we know why we shouldn’t get our textbooks from his state, put it that way.

Reports are that MJ Hegar heard Senator Cornyn’s rebuke, and took it to heart. After huddling with her family, and consulting her pastor, and reading the entirety canon of works written by Phyllis Schlaffly, Hegar says she has learned the error of her ways and plans to clean up her act and behave as a lady should from this point forward.


.@JohnCornyn wants to make an issue about my language? In this economy and pandemic?

Here’s what Texans really find offensive:

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 23, 2020

An out of control pandemic that has infected more than 800,000 Texans and killed more than 17,000, and the fact that @JohnCornyn and his allies didn’t do shit to prevent it.

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 23, 2020

An economy that is collapsing.

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 23, 2020

Children being separated from their families — and this administration losing track of their parents.

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 23, 2020

And above all, we’re offended by a Senator who looks after his own self-interest instead of looking out for his constituents.

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 23, 2020

If my language offends your delicate sensibilities, @JohnCornyn, just wait until you see the election results. Texans care a hell of a lot more about integrity and character than “demeanor.” We’re done with you, because clearly you don’t.

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 23, 2020

And the coup de grâce:

Here’s another ad for you, John!

You’re a sell-out, and Texans see through your bullshit.

We’re mad as hell that you tried to gut our health care.

It’s a damn shame you’ve spent so long in DC you forgot what regular Texans sound like.

So we’re gonna send your ass home!

— MJ Hegar (@mjhegar) October 22, 2020