Steve April 1, 2020

According to this supposed warning message, you should not accept a video called “Move your cucu” because it is a very dangerous virus that will format your mobile phone.

The message, which circulates via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms, claims that warnings about the virus have been broadcast on radio and TV.  It asks that you pass on the information to others so that they won’t think the video is just a joke and open it.

However, the claims in the message are nonsense. There is no virus threat like the one described. there are no credible news or media reports about such a virus.

The would-be warning is just one more variant in a long-running hoax that has circulated in various forms for several years.

From time to time, some prankster changes the name of the supposedly dangerous video alters a few other details, and relaunches the hoax apparently in the hope of duping a whole new audience.

One of the original versions, which I first discussed back in 2015, warned users to watch out for a video named “Dance of the Pope“.  Other variants of the hoax have warned about videos named “Dance of the Hillary” and “Dance of the Dad“.

If you receive one of these silly virus warnings, please do not share it with others. Doing so will just spread false information and will not help anybody stay safe online.

An example of the hoax message:

URGENT: Tell all the contacts on your list not to accept a video called * Move your cucu *. It is a virus that formats your mobile. Be careful, it’s very dangerous. Pass it on to your list as people open it thinking it’s a joke. They are broadcasting it today on the radio. Pass it on to whoever you can.

They have also said it on TV3

Original ‘Dance of the Pope’ version:

URGENT: Tell all contacts from your list not to accept a video called the dance of the Pope. It is a virus that formats your mobile. Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on the radio. Pass on to as many as you can. It was announced on the radio in USA. Copy n paste


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