Steve April 1, 2021

Source: Omaha World Herald

By Steve Liewer

Nebraska Republican Sen. Deb Fischer has joined six Democratic senators in signing a letter to the Pentagon’s top watchdog raising questions about the Air Force’s January decision to locate U.S. Space Command’s permanent headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

In February, the Defense Department’s Inspector General agreed to investigate the Trump administration’s selection of Redstone Arsenal as the “preferred choice” for the permanent headquarters over Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base, Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base and three other sites in New Mexico, Texas and Florida.

Outgoing Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett announced the decision Jan. 13, a week before President Donald Trump left office. Colorado officials from both parties have alleged Trump chose Redstone over Peterson, which is in Colorado Springs, as a political payoff to Alabama supporters.

The letter asked Acting Defense Department Inspector General Sean O’Donnell to look at several aspects of the site selection process, including how and why a previous selection process was called off in 2019 and whether the Defense Department consistently, objectively and fairly represented each site’s qualities in the Redstone decision.

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