3 Trucks Stacked with Model 3s, Could Wall Street Be Wrong?

3 Trucks Stacked with Model 3s, Could Wall Street Be Wrong?

An analyst for Ark Invest, which has a major investment in Tesla, thinks Wall Street misunderstands Tesla, referring to the drastic price cut of the Tesla stock, reports CNBC. Perhaps, he is somewhat right.

Today a twitter user from Copenahagen named Christian, who tweets at @JabbaGentum, shared this video with Torque News, showing 3 truckloads of Tesla Model 3s being delivered in Denmark.

"Well look what I just bumped into, a few meters from where I live in Copenhagen. Three trucks stacked with Model 3s. This is in tiny Denmark where @Tesla has already sold 6 times as many cars as in 2018. Ignore the noise," Christian tweeted three days ago.

A press release from the Danish automobile industry’s organization AutoBranchen Danmark released few months ago, suggested that the electric vehicle market in the country might actually come alive again after it was killed off in 2016 by new taxation. And Tesla sales are one of the leading segments of EV sales in Denmark.

Do you think the Wall Street misunderstands Tesla and its stock?

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Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Copenhagen