Argentina's Fernandez Denies Charges in Corruption Case

Argentina's Fernandez Denies Charges in Corruption Case
Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is denying any wrongdoing following recent accusations that she was responsible for a corruption scheme involving public works contracts.

Fernandez said in a written statement presented to a federal court Monday that the accusations are false and politically motivated.


More than a dozen people have been arrested in the case. They include business leaders and former officials who served in Fernandez's 2007-2015 administration.


The case is based on an investigation by La Nacion newspaper into alleged corruption over more than a decade during the governments of Fernandez and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner. The newspaper says the driver of one of the accused kept notebooks with detailed information on bribes.


Fernandez is currently a senator, a post that grants her immunity from prosecution.