EV Owners' Verdict on EV Battery Life Expectatncy

EV Owners' Verdict on EV Battery Life Expectatncy
At what mileage/kilometers on the odometer would you all deem EV is getting old? "Ultimately I am curious what the life expectancy is on one of these vehicles. I know you can continuously replace EV Battery Cells as they go bad rather than changing the entire battery pack," asks one Kia Soul EV owner in one of the popular electric car groups on Facebook, which actively discussed EV battery life expectancy.
Kia Soul EV charging its battery

This discussion about the EV battery life expectancy is from a KIA Soul EV group on Facebook. The group is a public group this is why I am sharing electric car owners' opinions from there for Torque News readers to see.

EV Battery Still Good Above 100,000 Miles

"I have 175000 miles on a 2013 Tesla Model S. It's only about 7% degraded. It's getting a bit creaky in the suspension but still drives straight," writes Robert Olson in the group.

"The Kia Soul EV has a battery capacity and powertrain warranty of 100,000 miles, and/or 10 years. Excluding extreme climates, or extreme operations, I believe the Soul EV is fully capable of meeting/exceeding these expectations.