Models carry replicas of their own severed heads on 'creepy' Gucci runway

Models carry replicas of their own severed heads on 'creepy' Gucci runway

Models have strutted the runway carrying replicas of their own severed heads in Gucci's operating room-themed show at Milan Fashion Week.

The show space was ready for a fashion emergency — complete with surgical tables, overhead LED lamps, PVC-coated walls and floors, and panic bars on fire doors.

The show's soundtrack began with the beeping of a heart monitor machine, footsteps and a ringing phone.

Audience members, including Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, were seated on replica waiting room plastic chairs.

"The concept of the operating room reflects the work of a designer — the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them," Gucci said in a Facebook post.

The show, called "sensational — in a disturbing and creepy way" by Vogue, also featured a model wearing a third eye, one carrying a sleeping baby dragon and another cradling a snake that was perfectly colour-coordinated with her outfit.

"We are the Dr Frankenstein of our lives," Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele told Vogue.

"There's a clinical clarity about what I am doing. I was thinking of a space that represents the creative act.

"I wanted to represent the lab I have in my head. It's physical work, like a surgeon's."